1908 American Lager
The Harvard Club of Boston partnered with Castle Island Brewing Co. to make a Harvard Club branded beer for its members. Below is the process from the naming of the beer to the execution of the design.
Naming the Beer
After several rounds of options and voting, we were tied between the names "The Yard" and "1908" for the Harvard Club's lager. The Club's General Manager decided the decision would come down to the design options. For 1908, I drew a portrait of the Club's founder, Henry Lee Higginson. The Yard was inspired by the iconic gates of Harvard Yard. After seeing both designs we decided to use the design from The Yard but go with the name 1908.
Developing the Label
Once the name and design direction had been approved, I developed the design. 
First mock up next to a later (not quite final) iteration.
Proof label applied to a can.
The beer was brewed, canned and labeled at Castle Island Brewing Co. in Norwood, MA. We created our branded label to go on their award winning American Lager. Below is a video and some photos of the canning run. Below is a short video and photos edited and shot by me of the canning run.
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