For Wideawake Films, the goal was to create an engaging logo that clearly reflects what their business is, while still being able to work with a variety of logos of future films.
The Artist & the Astronaut logo plays a huge role in communicating the vibe and feeling of the documentary to viewers. Being a longer title, I wanted to make sure it felt balanced, which lead to the decision to keep the logo stacked and utilizing an ampersand instead of "and." The crossbars of the "A"s were removed as an homage to NASA's older "worm" logo. Altogether it reflects the unlikely combination of an artist and an astronaut and how well they work together.  
Both logos can be found on the film's poster. Logos designed by me, poster design by Kate Levine.
About The Film:
An unlikely love story between civil rights activist and artist Pat Musick and Apollo astronaut Jerry Carr highlights the simple connections in life that make us all human. Pat and Jerry would grow up in the same neighborhood and go to the same schools. Pat would travel thousands of miles and Jerry would travel millions of miles before they would eventually meet each other in Houston, Texas.
The Artist & the Astronaut proves that curiosity, perseverance, and empathy for others are powerful agents of change in even the most uncertain of times. This documentary traces the lives and work of Pat Musick and Jerry Carr. While a civil rights activist / artist and an Apollo astronaut may seem diametrically opposed, their unlikely love story highlights the simple connections in life that make us all human.

To learn more about the film, visit their website.
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