The Harmful Effects of Gender Socialization
Gender is at the core of our identity. It is the first way that we categorize ourselves as people. It influences not only how we are seen by others, but also how we understand ourselves. We learn our gender and its implications very early on through socialization. In this animation I explore gender socialization in three domains of life: school, among peers, and in the home. These three vignettes show small moments of when girls learn aspects of what it means to be female. From these moments, and the concluding scene, it can be anticipated how these lessons could spiral into unhealthy understandings. The goal of this animation is to inspire reflection and provoke conversation about gender, gender socialization, and possible harmful effects.
Style Tiles
Socialized was then put on display at Emmanuel College's Senior Thesis Show. Because inspiring conversation and reactions was an important of this project, I included a question and post-it notes for people to write their own experiences with gender socialization. I included pink and blue colors (in reference to the gender binary that I address in the animation), but I also left a yellow pad for people who might not identify as either or wanted an alternative. 
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